Welcome to the site

Welcome to my professional and creative portfolio website. It is my opinion that this site
showcases a collaboration of the right-brain and the left-brain. In the portfolio section you
will find samples of my individual work as well as examples of items produced
collaboratively in a group environment.

Technical research manuscripts serve as writing samples and abstracts and full text
versions are available in the research section.

Please check back as I will continually update the site with the recent information. Do not
hesitate to
contact me with any questions.

Thanks for visiting,

About me

I am currently completing my fourth and final year in the RIT School of Print Media and am
looking forward to graduation in May. I have just recently began the interview process.

I am a results-driven hardworker and team player committed to task excellence. My
strengths are focused on the pre-press area of the print production process, with
technical experience in essential software applications and workflow methods.
Experienced in marketing, I am also focused on functions and creative ideas that serve
business development to foster innovation and growth.

The ability to work and interact with customers is also a high priority for me.
Joseph S. Schember.
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