Joseph S. Schember.
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This section contains writing samples. Listed below are papers written while pursuing an
undergraduate degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Document Security
Year Written: 2005
Status: Published (RIT TAGA 2006 Student Technical Journal)

Abstract: This technical report will focus on the different aspects of, and issues
involved with, security printing. As technology progresses, preserving document
authenticity has become more burdensome. Security features of printed documents are
continually evolving to combat those who threaten document authenticity—whether by
unauthorized reproduction, or alteration and manipulation.

Download the full PDF manuscript here (175 KB)

Wolters Kluwer & Documentum:
A Business Implementation of a D.A.M System
Year Written: 2006
Status: Published (RIT TAGA 2007 Student Technical Journal)

Abstract: In this investigation, the effects of implementing a digital asset
management (DAM) system on a company’s productivity will be observed and analyzed. A
case study of the company Wolters Kluwer Health, and their implementation of the EMC
Documentum® enterprise content management platform in 2005, will serve as the basis
for this investigation. The overall process will be discussed, results will be analyzed, and
suggestions will be made for improvement. Full manuscript includes presentation slides.

Download the full PDF manuscript here (925 KB)